Frequently Asked Questions

What are the prices for taking a course from MASH?

If your organization is not in the 70202 classification code and you are registering to take a course through MASH, we charge $175.00 plus GST/per person.

If you are requesting private training and are not in the 70202 classification code, we charge $175.00 plus GST/per person, if you guarantee 10 or more participants, we will charge $1750.00. If you are unsure of which classification code you belong to, please reach out to MASH.

Can a group/a whole company get training at once?

Yes, we call this private training. We would put you in touch with a member of the safety team to work with you to set up the date, time, and location of training. There may be a cost associated with training, this will be determined at the during our initial contact.

I’m a healthcare professional and I know I need help but the service I require is not on the website. Should I still contact MASH?

Yes, please do! We are here to support the healthcare industry. MASH is evolving and may not have a service listed on the website yet. If we don’t provide the service, we will work with you to find what you need.

We are in a rural area of Manitoba. Is it still possible to get help from MASH?

Absolutely, initially we can set up a Teams meeting and discuss the services you are looking for.

If you would like onsite training, we will arrange the session

with you. If you don’t have the minimum participation (min. 8 for private onsite) requirement for training, we can reach out to neighbouring locations to see if they want to take part in the training with you.

How long will it take for us to become Safe Work Certified?

This will vary on several factors: such as the size of the company, and status of the safety and health management system. Organizations with an existing safety and health management system, preparation to become SWC may take less time in comparison to organizations who are establishing a new safety and health management system.

For further information, please reach out to the MASH Safety team and they can work with you to start the process to become Safe Work Certified whether you have an existing program or establishing one.

What is involved with consultation services?

MASH’s consulting services encompass a broad range of services. MASH will work with an organization to help build an effective safety and health committee; provide training; complete a gap assessment of the existing safety and health program; the MASH safety team will work with you to build an action plan to close gaps found during the gap assessment. If desired, provide consulting services to work with you to prepare you for safe work certification.

What is a maintenance audit?

The maintenance audit is a criterion for maintaining your certification status. Employers must demonstrate that they are maintaining the standards of their certification in the years between certification audits, this accomplished through the maintenance audit process. Maintaining certification is the primary criteria to remain eligible for the annual prevention rebate.

I don’t know where to start building a safety program. Can you help me out?

Yes, we can. Building a safety and health program is crucial to having a safe and psychologically healthy work environment. A member of our safety team can support you through our consulting services to get you started and will support you in each step of the building process.

Star of Safety Excellence in Healthcare

As the industry-based safety program for health care, MASH is pleased to present the Star of Safety Excellence in Healthcare award.

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