Our certification services allow us to work closely with members to assess their readiness, provide support, and ultimately achieve certification within the healthcare industry.

MASH, in partnership with Safe Work Manitoba provides a reasonable standard for an effective safety and health program for the healthcare industry.

Why become certified?

Lower injury rates

Lower WCB premiums

Improve health and safety for employees

Based on WCB statistics*, employers that achieve safety and health certification for their organizations have also been shown to have:

  • 42 per cent lower injury rates

  • 47 per cent lower time-loss injury rates

  • 37 per cent lower injury costs per worker from claims reported to the WCB

  • 49 per cent fewer workdays taken for time-loss injuries

*WCB Safety Certification Analysis (2000-2015)

Process to get certified


1. Apply to Program:
Complete the SAFE Work Certified Application form and send it to MASH.

2. Participate in MASH Training:
Principles of Workplace Safety and Health Management | Safety and Health Leadership | Worker Participation in Safety and Health Certification | Auditing for Certification (Maintenance Auditor).

3. Implement & Assess Systems:
Work with MASH to design, implement, and/or assess your safety and health management system, with the goal of meeting the certification standard.

4. Pass SAFEWork Certified Audit:
Meet the requirements of a SAFE Work certified audit completed by MASH appointed safe work certified external auditor. Your certification is valid for three years provided you meet the annual maintenance requirements.

5. Complete Maintenance Audit:
Complete an annual maintenance audit prior to your certification anniversary to maintain certification and be eligible for the rebate.

6. Receive your Rebate:
Qualify for your annual prevention rebate by meeting the SAFE Work certified standard and qualifying criteria. The rebate will be 15% of your WCB premium (or up to $3000 for smaller employers).

What happens once certified?

Once completed your certification audit, the employer works on their continuous improvement cycle. This will involve having someone within your organization to complete maintenance audits for 2 years. Once the employer has completed the first maintenance audit that meets the standards, the organization will be eligible to receive the Prevention Rebate.

MASH is here to support the employers to complete maintenance audits and/or work with them to continuously improve their safety and health program.

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