Our training is specific to the healthcare industry and addresses various safety and health topics for

every level of a healthcare organization.

At MASH, we offer comprehensive training services to support the healthcare industry to create an effective safety and health management system. All our courses are engaging and provide legislation and best practice information. The training is customized to the healthcare industry.

Training that MASH offers the following training in person classroom or online:

Workplace Safety and Health Committee and Representative Training

This one-day course is designed for Safety and Health committee members and workplace safety representatives. Participants will learn general legislation as it pertains to safety and health committees or representatives. They will gain knowledge of their roles, duties, and responsibilities as it relates to workplace safety and health. This course will also inform participants on how to address safety concerns and make recommendations, they will understand what hazards are, different methods of recognizing hazards and controls to eliminate or mitigate hazards. Participants will also learn what Safe Work Certification is, and how the committee members or representatives are involved in the certification process.

*Mandatory for Safe Work Certification

Hazard Identification and Risk Control

This one-day course will provide employers, supervisors, workers, and committee members with an understanding of the legislative requirements for identifying existing and potential risks to the health and safety of workers. It will also provide an understanding of categories of hazards, methods of identifying hazards, Assessing the risk of hazards and methods to control the risk, how to develop safe work procedures.

Workplace Incident Investigation Training

This one-day course is to provide employers, supervisors, workers, and committee members with an understanding of conducting workplace incident investigations. The course will cover the legal framework including duties and responsibilities, elements of a safety and health program, the structure and function of the internal responsibility system. It will also provide an overview of different types of causes to be considered in an investigation and the various incident

causation models. The course will also cover being prepared for an investigation. the steps of investigating, including recommending corrective actions and writing the report and follow-up.

Principles of Safety and Health Management System

This one-day course is to introduce the principles, benefits and framework for a workplace safety and health program required to develop safety excellence. It is designed to support consistent and quality training for employers and workers in the development of workplace safety and health management systems. The training is intended for senior management, persons accountable for, and who have authority over safety and health in the workplace, persons responsible for conducting maintenance audits.

*Mandatory for Safe Work Certification

Safety and Health Leadership Training

Safety and Health Leadership is a one-day course that will provide those who have charge of a workplace, or authority over a worker, with an understanding of their legal duties and responsibilities pertaining to everyday safety and health functions. It is designed to clarify their role in providing a safe and healthy workplace for workers. The training is intended for those who have charge of a workplace, authority over a worker.

*Mandatory for Safe Work Certification

Maintenance Auditor Training

This is a 2-day training course that is done in person. This course is meant for the individual(s) from the workplace who will be responsible for conducting the maintenance audits. The participants will learn what Safe Work Certification is, the audit process and how to use the audit tool including the industry-specific element. Participants will be engaged throughout the two courses through group discussions, completing a tabletop mock audit, and a quiz. To receive a certificate and Maintenance Auditor number participants are required to obtain a minimum of 70% on the quiz, and submit a partially completed audit tool, based on the tabletop mock audit.

*Mandatory for Safe Work Certification

Supervisor Safety and Health Roles and Responsibilities

The purpose of this half day compressed session, is to introduce new and existing supervisors to the health & safety program.  The session will provide brief explanations regarding the role, responsibilities, and legal duties of supervisors in the various capacities within the internal responsibility system (IRS). The training is intended for persons who have charge of a workplace or authority over a worker.

By participating in our training services, members can gain the knowledge and skills necessary to promote a safe and healthy work environment.

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Whether you are attending online or in person our training programs will provide you with theory, interactive participation through discussions and activities to meet the needs of everyone’s learning styles and learning outcomes.

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I am now better equipped to be an active, engaged and constructive member of my health and safety committee.

Prairie Mountain Health employee

Workplace Safety & Health Committee & Worker Safety & Health Rep Training

Very informative, a great way for our leadership to learn their roles and responsibilities as it relates to health and safety. Will have future directors take this course.

WRHA employee

Principles of Safety & Health Management Training

Learning about the audit tool as well as the process and techniques used was interesting and will be incorporated in my work going forward. I will use this tool to prepare my organization for audits.

IERHA employee

Maintenance Auditor Training

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