About Us

Who we are

Manitoba Association for Safety in Healthcare (MASH) is a specialized safety program dedicated to the healthcare industry in Manitoba.

We offer a comprehensive range of safety training, consulting services, and Safe Work certification to support all healthcare workers.

Our primary goal is to collaborate with our members, providing the necessary safety and health resources to establish a secure work environment for their employees.

We are deeply committed to ensuring the well-being of healthcare professionals and promoting a culture of safety within the healthcare sector.

Our Mission

Empower, support, and enable those working within the healthcare sector to create safer environments to reduce preventable harm.

Our Vision

To deliver physically and psychologically safer environments for everyone working in the healthcare sector. 

Our Values

  • Collaboration: An engaging, diverse, and inclusive environment where people share a broad range of perspectives to support the common goal of achieving the highest level of safety and quality care.

  • Excellence: A trusted source of high standards and professionalism where innovation and best practices nurture a culture of continuous improvement.

  • Accountability: Delivering value to the healthcare sector through measurable reduction of preventable harm.

  • Transparency: Ensuring a culture of openness where people have the confidence to report concerns, seek improvements, and receive quick responses to safety needs at all levels.

Our Team

Deanne Mullen - Safety Advisor

Devan Humphrey - Executive Assistant

Jessica Selby - Safety Associate

Megan Brook - Safety Associate

Pamela McCallum - Director of Operations

Ron Van Denakker - Executive Director

Shelly Taylor - Safety Advisor

Tonya Nelson - Director of Safety Programs

Board of Directors

Alisa Ramrattan - ADM Department of Health, Seniors and Long-Term Care

Ben Fry - Shared Health

Conne Newman - Manitoba Health

Dan McGregor - Prairie Mountain Health

Darlene Jackson - Manitoba Nurses Union

Gina McKay - Canadian Union of Public Employees

Dave Kramer - Safe Work Manitoba (ex-officio)

Jason Linklater - Manitoba Association of Health Care Professionals

Kyle Ross - Manitoba Government and General Employees' Union

Micheline St-Hilaire - Actionmarguerite

Mike Nader (chairperson) - Winnipeg Regional Health Authority

Theresa Oswald - Doctors Manitoba